Scientifically appropriate identification of relevant parameters

Epidemiology at Winicker Norimed

High level of expertise through years of experience

Research into health risks for society by analysis of the occurrence of diseases and the factors influencing this occurrence is extremely complex.

Our clients trust our expertise in the scientifically correct identification of epidemiological parameters, the number of patients and the calculation of reatment costs.

Our range of services

in epidemiology

  • Search for sources and databases to extract key epidemiological parameters, analysis and processing of the information gained
  • Identification of appropriate disease or product registries depending on the research objectives
  • Development of study concepts and conduct of analyses based on data from existing registries
  • Design und set-up of new disease or product registries
  • Conduct of prospective registry studies
  • Pharmacoepidemiological studies (concept, conduct, analysis, interpretation)

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