Digital Solutions

Digital tools used for everyone.

Optimal use of digital solutions for your project

The optimal use of digital solutions enables precise data acquisition and progressive data management. User-friendly and freely configurable systems comply with all current standards and enable efficient and effective processes.


User-friendly and secure platforms for capturing and managing your study data.


From tablet-based to „bring your own device“ – enabling convenient and accurate health data capture for patients.


Simple and flexible means for study participants to record all relevant information.


Efficient and secure management, organization and tracking of all study documents.

Patient platform

Promotes active participation and involvement of study participants in the project through numerous functionalities.

Secondary data Use

Innovative use of existing data sets to gain new and valuable insights.

Adaptive surveys

Adaptation of questionnaires to the individual needs and responses of participants to better capture real-world evidence.

Patient-oriented programs

Focusing on patients‘ needs and perspectives through customized technical solutions.

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