Merry Christmas,

Your Winicker Norimed Team

peaceful & relaxing moments,

Your Winicker Norimed Team

time to enjoy the beautiful things,

Your Winicker Norimed Team

many precious moments with

your loved ones &

Your Winicker Norimed Team

a festive Christmas mood.

Your Winicker Norimed Team

Have a wonderful New Year

Happy New Year 2023 to you all.

Your Winicker Norimed Team


End of the year

A special

reflective time

As we reflect on the past year, we look forward with curiosity to the tasks ahead.

We are happy about what we have achieved, knowing that new challenges await us in the new year.

We thank you for the many moments we were able to share with you and look forward to many more experiences in the coming year.

The entire Winicker Norimed team wishes you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the New Year.

Thank you very much – enjoy the holidays!


Sincerely from the Christmas

capital Nuremberg

Happy holidays!

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